The Profitable Blogger Blueprint
  •  Tuesday March 13th 10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST

Does your blog make money? 

So, you have a blog. But, does it make money? I know, I know talking about money sounds crude - isn’t it good enough to share our knowledge with the world? 

Sure, it’s great to be helpful. But last time I checked, helpful didn’t pay the bills. 

I’d like to change that. 

On March 13th I will teach you about profitable blogging. 

This is a completely free 60 minute lesson that could change your business. 

I will also keep it simple. 

No bizarre techno-tricks or useless hacks—I’ll show you simple changes you can make right now. 

I think you’ll be surprised at the results you can get. 

If you are investing in a blog, now it’s time to invest one hour to learn how to make it profitable.  

Here's what I'm going to cover: 

  • How to monetize your blog for your business  
  • 3 ways to convert traffic to buyers  
  • The only 3 results you need to measure and how to do it  
  • The one most important goal you can’t afford to miss  




“Great webinar, very useful.”

Paul Copcutt

"I really enjoyed getting to see the 'behind the scenes' technical tips" 

Mike Kennedy 

"I'm new to blogging and this gives me a perfect starting point." 

Mary Jones  

"Thanks so much Hugh. Amazing value as always on your webinars!" 

Mary Kruger  


I get it. If you've been on a webinar-turned-sales pitch it can turn you off. 

My goal is to give you advice that can save you time, frustration, and even money and get you better results. Sure, I’m going to tell you what we can do for you, but that’s always the optional part. What’s most important is that there’s great value every minute for you.

Get registered and I'll see you on the call!

Hugh Culver

Tuesday March 13th 10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST