How To Get The Social Media Monkey Off Your Back!

Get the Social Media Monkey off your Back.

How To Get The Social Media Monkey Off Your Back Cover


But who has time for content creation, scheduling, posting, responding ...

We call that "feeding the Social Media Monkey."  

We can help!  

BlogWorks is a unique subscription service that uses content from your blog to take care of your social media on a daily basis.  

We use North American writers who take your existing blog, top performing archived blogs and curated content from selected sites to create, schedule and post regularly on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. All for as little as $97/mth.  

No more worrying about creating content, dealing with complicated scheduling software, expensive agencies or offshore VAs.  

We take Social Media off your To Do List!  

We have been in business for over 5 years and have helped hundreds of companies with blogs save time, generate more web traffic and grow their business.  


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Ready to Get Your Time Back?  

We think there is a smarter way to keep your Social Media Monkey fed and happy and to get your time back. Learn how.