Nepal Project 2018 - This project is fully funded thanks to the amazingly generous donations of people just like you!

With your help we can return 100 young girls sold to labour back to their village, to their family and into school. 

In 2000 slavery - the selling of daughters into indentured labour - became illegal in Nepal. But, the problem still exists—in poor, rural Nepal, young girls are taken away from their family and from any hope of completing their schooling. With your help we can change that. 

This November a small team of Canadians will travel to Dang Province in Southern Nepal - one of the poorest regions of country where young girls are desperately in need of schooling - and build two classrooms exclusively for young girls who have been returned to their families. That's where we need your help.

With your help we will raise $30,000 to build 4 classrooms and help 100 young girls complete their schooling.

Building a school creates hope and possibilities - a chance for girls to experience more and do more with their lives.  

"When we arrived at the build site, they were waiting...more than 200 mothers in beautiful flowing sarees, celebrating us, the school we were about to build and celebrating what this meant to their daughters, their families and their village." Hugh Culver

Images of the school built in 2013 and Mother's micro-credit group.

Here's how you can help.  

Every dollar you donate today will go directly to building the classrooms. The more you donate (every dollar is tax deductible) the sooner we can raise additional funds for the girls schooling.

Special Thank You's:  

— donate $200 - your name on a brick placed on the front wall of the school. — donate $500 - two named bricks, plus 2 original Nepalese scarves — donate $1,000 - four named bricks, 4 original Nepalese scarves 

All donations over $100 will receive a copy of the 2018 table top book "The Tharu Women's Journey to Freedom" - through the medium of inspiring stories and photographs, the story of women's freedom from bondage towards empowerment is told by Her International founder, Michelle Bonneau.

Our Goal $30,000 by October 5, 2018

Money raised $30,000!! (updated weekly. note some donations arrived by mail, so the amount on the donation page will be lower)  



You can help one hundred girls complete their grade 12 education.

Thoughts from some of our supporters...

This is wonderful. Well done on making the world a better place. As for names on bricks, sure if it's easy and not necessary. Mary Ellen Sanajko

It is a privilege to share in this project. John Sweetnam

Way to go!! You are an inspirational team! Robin Vinge

My prayers and thoughts are with you. Your message is being heard and people do care. miracles are happening everyday. Believe in yourself and the good you do. Dan Zaleski

I believe strongly in giving back. I'm happy to support such a worthy cause through Hugh Culver.I wish you great success in meeting your goals! Linda Marshall

An excellent initiative - good luck and we look forward to seeing the successful new school classrooms! Alexander Mung

What a wonderful cause! I am happy to be able to support education and opportunities for women. Sheila Elworthy

It is heartwarming and encouraging to hear of the work you are doing to improve the lives of these young girls and their communities. Keep up the good work! Sue Culver

I Give a Dang!

This November a small team of Canadians will travel to the Dang province in Nepal to build 2 much needed classrooms for young girls to get their grade 12 education. In 2019 the final 2 classrooms will be added.

How this Project Works.

Her International (was IWEN) is a small, but remarkable charity that negotiates for young girls to return to their families and pays for them to complete their schooling to grade 12. With the addition of these four classrooms (2 in 2018, 2 more in 2019), 100 more young girls will be able to return to their families and attend school. With your help we can create the opportunity. Her International will ensure the funding and support (parents, school adminstration, community) for 100 girls to safely complete their schooling. Our goal is that these fortunate girls will continue to continue their education, become community leaders and help other young girls receive the gift you have given.

"For these Tharu women, who eight years ago could barely look at me, took on the challenge with exuberance and hope today. They spoke, some eloquently, some awkwardly, some giggling, but speak they did, about the importance of education for their daughters."

excerpt from "The Tharu Women's Journey to Freedom" by Michelle Bonneau